More About Krav Maga Mayhem and Al Natrins 

Krav Maga Mayhem is the leading provider of authentic Krav Maga self-defence training in the Birmingham and Solihull area - and we 120% believe that we are the best at what we do!

Krav Mayhem's Mission

To help people keep safe and avoid harm, feel positive and believe in themselves, and stay fit and feel great: by providing them with the most effective training that we possibly can!

Krav Mayhem's Core Values

At Krav Mayhem, we operate around our five core values:

  • PROFESSIONALISM - We will hold ourselves accountable to the high standards we set.

  • INTEGRITY - We will act, train and work with courage, discipline and respect.

  • PASSION - We are driven by unending enthusiasm to love and enjoy what we do.

  • INCLUSIVITY - We value the diversity of our students as much as we believe in the right to stand up for ourselves.

  • POSITIVITY - We have the right attitude, conviction and self-belief to help you succeed.

Training with us at Krav Mayhem
Our Birmingham and Solihull sessions at Krav Mayhem will include:
  • friendly and relaxed instruction – we have no egos here!

  • simple but effective techniques – that work when you need them to!

  • a fantastic functional workout – we will get you fit!

  • plenty of encouragement, honesty and hard work – you’ll love it!

  • only self-defence that is acceptable within the guidelines of the law!


You WILL be training:

  • Avoidance, de-escalation and prevention skills

  • Striking, defences, releases from grabs and restraints - and handling armed attackers

  • Fighting tactics, sparring, grappling and ground fighting

  • Multiple attacker scenarios

  • Indoors and outdoors - in urban and park locations, as well as in the class room

  • Post-encounter tactics, behaviour and understanding the law

  • Confidence, mindset and aggression training

Krav Maga is a contact based system of self-defence that teaches you practical skills, techniques and tactics, while improving your physical fitness and mental toughness. 

Krav Maga is designed with the body’s natural responses to danger in mind, which makes it relatively easy to pick up and learn, and useful under the real pressure of stressful situations - everything from de-escalating heated exchanges to violent attacks.

Lead Instructor Al Natrins is an experienced, dedicated instructor, affiliated with and certified through Krav Maga Global (KMG) - Krav Mayhem is the only KMG club in Birmingham and Solihull! - the only real choice in professional Krav Maga organisations in the world today.  KMG is the best of the best, just like Krav Mayhem!

Krav Maga works!  Our Birmingham and Solihull students who have had to rely on their training have survived everything from assaults, car jacking, muggings, stabbings and even home invasions.

Read About Al's Story

With over eleven years of studying and training, as well as seven years and (literally) thousands of hours of full-time teaching experience Al has helped HUNDREDS of people both in Birmingham and Solihull just like you! 

Al specialises in helping people to improve their confidence, fitness and situational awareness, as well as of course teaching them the vital self defence skills, fighting mentality and tactical thinking that they need to maximise their chances of navigating violent confrontation.


In some cases, Al's students have had to rely on these skills in some quite nasty scenarios.


So you know what you are getting with Al Natrins:

  • FULL TIME INSTRUCTOR - not a part-timer, not a hobbyist, not just for fun - this is ALL AL DOES, and he does it well, EVERY DAY!

  • Accomplished Krav Maga Global Instructor (Adults and Kids)

  • BTEC Advanced Self Defence Instructor

  • NCFE Understanding Resonable Force for Martial Arts and Self Defence

  • Experienced working with the needs of women, teenagers and older students

  • Experienced coaching corporate clients

  • Experienced training serving police officers, prisoner officers and private security

  • Experienced training the Military

  • Experienced teaching internationally

  • Experienced running national training events such as gradings, seminars and workshops

  • Specialist Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor (CYQ, PCC)

  • DBS Checked

  • First Aider

  • Fully Insured

  • Continued Professional Development at KMG Instructor Training and Development Updates

  • Trains every day, as well as both nationally and internationally!

Al began training in krav maga in 2009, after looking for the most effective self-defence system he could find. It did not take him long to settle on krav maga! 


Impressed with the simplicity of krav maga, Al quickly saw how successful it was to use under pressure, in the heat of the moment situations where you would need to use self-defence.  He found it really enjoyable too, both as a system of self-defence and a way to keep active and fit!

Al took the plunge and travelled to Prague in 2013 and attended the intensive three and a half week Krav Maga Global instructor course.  After passing with flying colours, he returned to the UK and made the decision to teach krav maga full-time, where he has been successfully teaching busy classes and private sessions since!

Bringing substantial expertise as a fitness professional, Al uses the most effective methods available to bring out the best in his students. 


Al understands what it takes to help lots people, just like you  - to look good, feel great and perform their best when training krav maga.

“Krav maga is great self-defence, I love teaching it, and most importantly it has kept myself and my students safe from harm when we have had to rely on it!”


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