Krav Maga Mayhem Trial Program

We believe that our Birmingham and Solihull Krav Maga Mayhem classes are fantastic and worth every penny, but don’t take our word for it. 


Book your 3 Trial Classes for £19 now and decide for yourself!

Birmingham Krav Maga Mayem Classes
           TRIAL PROGRAM

You can get a taste of what we do on our Krav Maga Mayhem Trial Program.  We want you to come and see what Mayhem is all about, so that you can get a feel for what we do, and if you will like it. 


We also want to see what sort of person you are, how well you play with others and what sort of a fit you might be for the club.

We would like to offer you more than just one chance to experience to classes, because each class varies so that we can keep the content interesting, enjoyable and to keep you thinking and learning.

Our Krav Maga Mayhem Trial programme is £19 for three classes, with no obligation to join. 


After your first trial class, you’ll get the chance to talk with Al to discuss more about your needs and goals, and to decide if a place in Krav Maga Mayhem classes is right for you, and right for the club.

  • We like to build a solid relationship with our students, to find what drives them to train, what they want from the classes and how we can help

  • We will do whatever it takes so that you achieve your goals with training, to stay focused, keep on track and enjoy the classes.

  • Expect to work hard, be pushed, and to love every minute of it.  If hard work is not for you, then Krav Maga Mayhem is not for you!

  • You WILL train and learn at the very best krav maga club in Birmingham!


  • 3 Trial Classes for £19

  • BASIC Training at £49 a month

    • Train once a week

  • ADVANCED Training at £69 a month

    • Train as often as you like at any Self Defence Classes

  • ALL Training Plans ALSO include the following features:​​

    • 90 Minute Classes - technical fighting drills, skills and tactics including sparring - both stand up fighting and grappling on the ground, resisting attacker, full protection sparring and aggression training

    • Accelerator Workshops – workshops allow us to immerse you in some intensive training, to help you get better faster, honing skills appropriate for your level of krav maga and self-defence

    • Access to the Krav Maga Mayhem Facebook and WhatsApp Groups – to stay in the loop and connect, as well as receive vital post class feedback and reminders

    • Access to Krav Maga Mayhem EXCLUSIVE Members area on the website - including invaluable online training resources

    • Mayhem Student Rate on Private Training - focused one on one training or training with a friend or grading partner

  • Joining Fee of £49 - includes your mandatory Krav Maga Mayhem club t-shirt and groin protection for FREE!

  • Annual KMG Training License, starting at £25 - your mandatory public liability insurance and personal accident cover (visit)

  • VISITING KMG STUDENTS - please contact us for a drop-in rate.

  • NHS/First Responder/Law Enforcement/Military/Education DISCOUNT - please ask!

  • WE DON'T DO PAY AS YOU GO, AND THE MINIMUM TRAINING TERM IS SIX MONTHS - successful training requires a realistic level of commitment and skin in the game for it to be worthwhile, and anything less will be a waste of your time!