Your Journey with Krav Maga Mayhem

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Coming to learn krav maga self-defence with us in Birmingham or Solihull is the first step on a longer journey. 


Training with Krav Maga Mayhem, you will:

  • Learn how to avoid conflict if possible

  • Defend and handle yourself if attacked

  • What to do afterwards

  • Understand where you stand with the law

And also:

  • Improve your confidence and self-esteem

  • Improve your strength, stamina and fitness

  • Meet some great people

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Training Equipment

To start off with you don't need any additional equipment for your trial classes.

Once you join, you will need to get the following items in order to train safely:

  • Forearm Protection - for knife defences

  • 4oz MMA Gloves - for punch defences, striking drills and general training

  • Shin Protection - for kick defences, fighting skills, sparring and general training

  • 16oz Boxing Gloves - for striking drills, fighting skills and sparring

  • Gum Shield - if you value a nice smile!

These can all be found over at Krav Maga Global UK

Don't forget that your:

  • Krav Mayhem Club T-shirt

  • Groin Protection

Are included in the Joining Fee!

Mastering Krav Maga

You will improve and grow with regular training, and within a few short months you will see and feel tangible improvements in your ability to defend yourself and those around you. 


Literally mastering krav maga might take years, but getting good can take less time than you think.

  • We are fully committed to you and will help you learn, train and improve your self-defence skills. 

  • We recommend that students train as much as time allows, but at least twice a week if possible. 

  • We test students on a six month basis, depending on aptitude and ambition.

Many students look forward to testing their abilities by grading, based on instructor approval.  Gradings are a measure of technical skill, focus and determination, and serve as a way of marking progress through the krav maga system.

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Ranking System

Krav Maga is organised into Practitioner, Graduate, and Expert ranks, with five levels in each rank.  Practitioner levels cover basic to intermediate self-defence skills, with Graduate and Expert covering Instructor level and advanced techniques.

Students can plan on grading every six months at Practitioner level, depending on aptitude and fitness, often requiring at least two training sessions every week.  More realistically students can train for several years mastering the foundations, so there's no rush. 


The main component for training success is just turning up every session and being prepared to put some hard work in!

Please speak with Al if grading is something that you want to work towards.

Injury, Behaviour and Student Insurance

Krav Maga is a contact based system, and while we strive to maintain the highest standards of health and safety in training, we do run a very small risk of contracting an injury each time we train. 


To ignore this or pretend otherwise only increases the odds of injury occurring, and reduces due vigilance that could help us avoid this happening.

That said - we must stress that we promote control, discipline and respect at all times, and we never tolerate any form of dangerous behaviour or bullying, discrimination or harassment.

Please check out our Code of Conduct here.

All new students on the Krav Maga Mayhem are covered by our liability insurance.  After joining, students are then required to acquire personal liability insurance with Krav Maga Global, our governing body.

Please head over to Krav Maga Global UK now and select the best option to suit your needs.